Spring Accelerator

The Spring Accelerator calls out for specific implementable innovation for water companies to trial, progress and adopt as a collaborative group. The accelerator aims to facilitate collaborative working to break down existing barriers.

The initial challenge process will be followed by a facilitation service to mobilise projects with collaborations across UK & Ireland water companies. Spring enables effective delivery and implementation of end-to-end innovation to address the sector priorities at the right pace.

What we've heard from the Spring community:

I want to know what the sector needs

I have an idea, product or service that will solve a sector priority

I want to collaborate with others on my idea

I want to prove my innovation

I want my proven innovation to be adopted

I want to share the success of my innovation

I want to learn from the experience of others

What is the service?

  1. Ideation: Spring is the engine behind the 2050 Water Innovation Strategy and sets challenges based on WIS themes to focus innovators on the sector priorities.
  2. Assessment: Spring triages ideas and connects water company subject matter experts to relevant innovations through the Spring platform, roundtables and pitches.
  3. Collaboration: Spring provides the flexibility to adapt to the needs of innovators and the elements we can help with are idea development, horizon scanning, project prioritisation, funding, single trial approach and procurement. The goal is to mobilise collaborative projects between innovators and large groups of water companies.
  4. Adoption: Foster collaborations to mobilise innovation adoption in water companies and ensure the learnings are shared across the sector through our Knowledge Transfer service.

What are the benefits of this service?

Water Companies:

    • Idea generation: We will work with the sector to build a challenge process to bring ideas into the pipeline.
    • Accelerated learning: Where existing trials are taking place, Spring will facilitate sharing this knowledge amongst all water companies.
    • Efficiencies: Spring will facilitate collaboration to reduce the duplication of trials and fast-track from idea to value.


    • Efficiencies: Innovators are currently approaching water companies individually. Spring will remove the duplication of business development by having a centralised point to connect to water companies.


    • Improved service: Spring will create efficiencies for water companies to solve their big problems, and these savings will be passed on to their customers.

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