Knowledge Transfer

Spring’s Knowledge Transfer service provides consistent and easily shared project outputs, creating sector-wide project legacy and making it easier for teams to communicate the intricacies of their project to a wider audience.

The Knowledge Transfer service aims to accelerate learning across the sector by sharing innovation case studies in the Knowledge Transfer Library and facilitating Knowledge Showcase events.

What is the Knowledge Transfer Library?

Spring’s Knowledge Transfer Library is a centralised repository of consistent and easily digestible innovation project case studies. The case studies share insights on the achievements of project teams with the goal of accelerating learning across the sector.

This library makes it easy for project teams to showcase their knowledge with a consistent template to follow and a large Spring community to share the knowledge with.

This centralised consistent approach supports the ambition to reduce duplication of innovation efforts in the sector and allows everyone to stand on the shoulders of those who have learnt before them.

Spring Knowledge Transfer Case Studies are open for all users and the WaterStart Case Studies are currently available to water companies only. We will be reviewing this in future releases.

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What are Knowledge Showcase events?


Showcase events provide an opportunity for a deep dive into innovation projects. The water company involved will be joined by the project partners to share not only the results and learning gained, but also the lessons learnt from the challenges faced along the way and how these were overcome.

Share your latest innovation project using our Spring Knowledge showcase or Supplier Sponsored showcase services. Our service offering is open to both water companies and suppliers working in partnership with a water company. Click here to submit your application.

Who are our partners?

We have teamed up with WaterStart, a global not-for-profit collective of leaders accelerating the adoption of water innovation.

This means Spring can become a member of WaterStart – allowing us to share and receive learning globally. WaterStart’s current case studies represent roughly $3.5M spent on pilot projects addressing roughly $40M in problems solved for members. All knowledge will be shared with our users.

You can access the Knowledge Library through the Spring platform

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What are the benefits of this service?

Water Companies:

    • Short term: Utilising Spring’s templates for case studies and showcase events will create efficiency gains for water companies and improve the reach and impact of their dissemination efforts.
    • Medium to long term: Access to the standardised and centralised case studies in the Spring Knowledge Library will provide a faster route for water companies to understand the details of other innovation projects, adopt proven innovations and reduce the duplication of effort across the sector. This will be further strengthened by the detailed showcase events.


    • The service provides an opportunity for exposure of innovations across the sector both through the online case studies and being part of Showcase events.
    • Access to other existing project case studies in the Knowledge Library provides a faster route to understanding key sector challenges and how to overcome issues experienced in the past.


    • A more collaborative and open sector will accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions and enable more effective use of water company resources. These service improvements and savings benefits will be passed on to the customer.

Want to share your innovation project with the sector?

We are looking for project case studies that are innovative, that have lessons that sector stakeholders can adopt in their organisations and that all project partners are happy to share the project outputs

What’s the process for sharing a case study in the Spring Knowledge Library? 

  1. Write a case study using the Spring template.
  2. Projects must have been delivered in partnership with a water company and case studies must be approved by the water company partner. Send the case study to your water company partner to approve as the ‘co-sponsor’. 
  3. Ask your water company partner to send an email including the case study and an approval to share on the Spring platform to [email protected]  

If you’d like to hear more about this service, please get in touch

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