Knowledge Transfer

Spring’s Knowledge Transfer service provides consistent and easily shared project outputs, creating sector-wide project legacy and making it easier for teams to communicate the intricacies of their project to a wider audience.

As an impartial, third-party organisation with innovation disseminators, facilitators and mentors in our team, we will provide a project output framework, annual summary of learning points and create project legacy and consistency to enable enhanced rollout across the sector.

Who are our partners?

We have teamed up with WaterStart, a global not-for-profit collective of leaders accelerating the adoption of water innovation. Spring is using their tried and tested framework for knowledge dissemination.

This means Spring can become a member of WaterStart – allowing us to share and receive learning globally. WaterStart’s current case studies represent roughly $3.5M spent on pilot projects addressing roughly $40M in problems solved for members. All knowledge that will be shared with our users.

Bridge over river

What are the benefits?

  1. Reduced work for the innovation project team
  2. A faster route to understanding other innovation projects and reducing duplication of efforts
  3. Accelerating the adoption of learnings from the complete innovation project, sharing beyond your organisation, or company-to-company and enhancing project legacy
  4. Access to a roster of global pilot projects
River landscape

What is the service?

  1. Preliminary information compiled by the Spring team to be reviewed by the project team
  2. A standardised project reporting framework to follow, based on industry best practice, reviewed by Spring team to assess ease of dissemination
  3. Kick off, project break and project close interview videos, hosted on Spring website for digestible content
  4. Mid-project summary (or annual, depending on project length) of learning points / early indicators
  5. Project page with contact information for the knowledge transfer team to filter questions
  6. Inclusion in marketing materials and conference content, e.g project white papers
  7. Global knowledge sharing through a partnership with WaterStart

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