2050 Water Innovation Strategy

In 2020, all 18 UK water and wastewater companies published the UK 2050 Water Innovation Strategy. This was the first time the sector had outlined its vision for collectively delivering transformative innovation within the water and wastewater industries.

One of the core ideas in the strategy was to create a Centre of Excellence for the UK water sector. This idea became Spring in July 2021.

Spring will help deliver the strategy through its core services, particularly those which are directly linked to making the most opportunities the sector identified.


What you’ll find in the downloads

The UK 2050 Water Innovation Strategy was created with a common purpose of driving transformational change in the water sector through collaborative innovation. This strategy was and is a call to action for you to join us on this journey.

In the strategy, the sector sets out how it will start to deliver transformative innovation through key principles which define how it will work together.

The strategy also defines the ends; a number of key themes, which describe our environmental, social and economic ambitions, which we know are important to our customers. For each theme, it set ambitions that the sector will aspire to, and work towards, in the short, medium and long term, to 2050. These are the sectors ambitions, rather than targets, and will guide Spring collectively in delivering challenge-led innovation.

All 19 UK water and wastewater companies took part in a prioritisation exercise to give an initial, high-level view of their collective innovation priorities.

Download: Innovation Prioritisation Exercise

To hear how Spring and the UK 2050 Water Innovation Strategy are connected, you can re-watch our lunch and learn webinar below.

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