Frequently asked questions

What is Spring and what is it trying to achieve? / what is its purpose?

Spring will accelerate transformation within the UK water sector by attracting, connecting and supporting innovators.
By bringing stakeholders together from across academia, the supply chain and water companies, we will deliver better value for customers and better outcomes for society and the environment and support a more sustainable sector.

Is Spring the same thing as the Centre of Excellence?


Centre of Excellence was a descriptive name of what we wanted to establish. It gave us a direction of travel, as we took inspiration from other centres of excellence from different sectors and countries.

What are the benefits of Spring?

Spring has many benefits covering the short, medium and long term.

By accelerating the pace and efficiency of cross sector innovation and collaboration the sector can offer better value for money for customers, deliver better outcomes for the environment and pave the way to a more sustainable sector.

When will Spring be up and running?

The first iteration of Spring will go live in December 2021.

It will continue evolving to ensure it keeps adding value to the sector and meeting the needs of its users.

It’s crucial we hear from Spring’s users so we can achieve this.

How can I/ my organisation get involved?

Firstly, make sure you’re familiar with the Innovation Strategy 2050 to understand the burning needs and guide your innovation ambitions. Please also follow our social media channels so that you can hear the latest news.

How will Spring link to water company platforms?

Spring exists to solve collective challenges and join up how existing platforms – rather than duplicate or supersede the great work the sector is already doing.

How will Spring be funded?

Spring was awarded £250k from Ofwat’s first Innovation in Water Competition fund, which was matched by water companies.

We will continue to develop a sustainable financing model for the future, funded by those who benefit across the sector.

How will Spring be governed?

Spring’s board will be made up of representatives from across the water sector and beyond.

As of September 2021, Spring is still being established as a separate company and these pages will be updated as that process progresses.

What is an incubator? / What do you mean by incubator?

An incubator is used to help something grow. We aim to grow, foster and nurture innovation.

Will there be any events or activities that I can join?

We will announce any events or activities on our LinkedIn and on our full website which will be launched in January.

To hear updates as they’re announced, you can sign up to our mailing list.