Opportunities & Challenges

We are uniquely placed to act as a hub where utility needs and challenges are shared and solved through existing supply chain innovation or academic research. The sector has identified many of these challenges – all shown below and in the UK 2050 water innovation strategy webpage.

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Providing the services society needs, expects and values
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Providing clean water for all
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Protecting and enhancing natural systems
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Delivering resilient infrastructure systems
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Achieving net 
zero carbon
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Taking a whole life approach to responsible consumption and production
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Enabling diverse future-ready people and partnership working
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We aim to run two challenges in our first six months of Spring, and then run them more frequently as we evolve. One challenge will be related to a specific theme and opportunity in the innovation strategy and the other will be an open call for innovation, allowing a broader range of ideas to be submitted.

Once suppliers have registered to our platform, they will be asked to select which themes they would like to ‘follow’. When challenges are live under that theme they will be notified and asked whether they would like to submit ideas and solutions to be collectively reviewed by the utilities who have opted into the challenge.

We will soon be launching more detailed information on our challenges soon so make sure you are registered to the platform and keeping an eye out for Spring notifications!