How we will accelerate innovation

Our Innovation Journey

Ideation and collaboration incubator

I want to know what the sector needs

I have an idea, product or service that will solve a sector priority

I want to collaborate with others on my idea

Innovation adoption incubator

I want to prove my innovation

I want my proven innovation to be adopted

I want to share the success of my innovation

Ideation and collaboration incubator

Simply, incubators help things grow. We exist to help grow innovation and innovators across the sector.

There are three parts of the innovation journey, above, that sit within the ideation and collaboration incubator. “I want to know what the sector needs”, “I have an idea, product or service that will solve a sector priority” and “ I want to collaborate with others on my idea”.

There are five activities going live later this year to bolster and streamline ideation and collaboration. They are:

  • Identification of opportunities and challenges – Driving strategic priorities by sharing information about the latest opportunities and challenges​
  • Creating opportunities for collaborative projects – By giving water companies sight of supplier applications and an opt in/out for projects, innovators will be able to pitch directly to water companies and receive constructive feedback
  • Community library – Access to, and information on, communities of knowledge and practices to foster collaborations and expertise across the industry
  • Partnership Brokerage – Connecting problem owners and problem solvers to partner on solutions to our critical challenges
  • White space identification – Helping all types of innovators through the ideation and collaboration journey and discovering untapped opportunities to collaborate

Innovation adoption incubator

How can the best help the rest? That’s the purpose of this incubator.

The innovation adoption incubator is different as it helps with the ‘doing’ and ‘streamlining’ of innovation.

The parts of the journey here are “I want to prove my innovation”, “I want my proven innovation to be adopted” and, “I want to share the success of my innovation”.

The activities identified to bolster these efforts are:

  • Demystifying the sector – Signposts to accessible funding, standards and testbeds and providing clarity on IP rights and protections
  • Changing the narrative – Advocating for innovation in the sector​ and promoting the UK as being leaders in open innovation
  • Knowledge transfer – Sharing innovation including case studies and testimonials​, removing institutional barriers to knowledge sharing and creating sector knowledge
  • Innovation fast-tracking – Mentoring innovators through the adoption journey, creating innovation baselines and identifying cross-sector areas of best practice

There are also two activities that sit underneath these processes, being end to end on the innovation journey. They are

  • Skills and training – We will help address the urgent skills gap the sector is facing and create innovation champions at the same time
  • Open data – We will support efforts to open and share valuable data and drive an open innovation ambition