Shaunna Berendsen likens the imminent launch of Spring – the water sector’s new Innovation Centre of Excellence – to creating a party and inviting others to come. As Spring’s client project director, she has been part of a small team which has been working flat out for months making the idea – which arose out of the water sector’s 2050 Innovation Strategy – reality. Come 20 December, a minimum viable product will go-live, effectively throwing open the
doors to the party.

There is already quite a bit to celebrate. Spring could be game changing for innovation efforts in water: welcoming new players in, sharing knowledge and best practice, hastening change, eliminating duplication and driving efficiency. Spring’s stated mission is to “connect, integrate and augment existing excellence within and outside the water sector, injecting innovation into the industry through learnings and best practices”.

It is targeting transformational change, aligned to the overlapping but distinct strategic innovation themes set out by Ofwat and the 2050 strategy. These include major challenges such as mitigating climate change through achieving net zero carbon; enhancing natural systems and the water environment; and ensuring infrastructure is resilient into the future. If the party goes with a bang, its implications could be felt well beyond water.

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Author: Karma Loveday / Source: The Water Report