Want to find out how MGISS and Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) have worked collaboratively to identify potential encroachment and avoid build-overs on strategic assets, minimising risks to residential and commercial customers? 

Join Spring and MGISS on Tuesday, 18th June to find out how they have been supporting NWG to mitigate the increased risk of network disruption caused by the recent relaxation in planning laws and the rapid development of new homes in the UK.

Following NWG’s 2020 Innovation Festival, MGISS have piloted the IPAS project as a risk alert service, supported by NWG, Essex and Suffolk Water (ESW), European Space Agency (ESA) and UK Space Agency (UKSA). The technology offers potential to minimise service disruption through the automated identification of build overs and 3rd party interference to hidden networks and critical infrastructure.

Hidden networks are often located below new development sites. In this session, find out how the IPAS service – developed by MGISS and other partners – will enable utilities to quickly identify developments at the earliest stage, before building begins, allowing them the time needed to effectively plan around the associated risks to critic and strategic networks.

Before piloting the IPAS project, MGISS worked alongside the utility company to build an in-depth understanding of the operational risks caused by large development sites in terms of customer impact, regulation, finance, environment, reputation, and safety, and confirmed that it’s a growing problem that needs solving.

Sign up to this Spring showcase to gain insight into the successful completion of the technical and commercial feasibility stage of their ESA supported risk alert service. Learn how, by leveraging AI with change detection algorithms and combining these with strategic network records, IPAS enables MGISS to provide NWG with new insights to manage risks associated with network disruption.

If you or a colleague are interested in learning more about how you can implement this cost-effective, carbon reductive solution, sign up today!

Tue, Jun 18, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (GMT)

We look forward to having you attend the event.